Comic Strip by: Jocelyn
Updated: 12/17/2019
Comic Strip by: Jocelyn
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  • Slave
  • Hello there, I´m Slave #1. I work for the Pharaoh.
  • Pharaoh
  • Hey, I´m Pharaoh. I rule everyone here.
  • Hi! I´m the Priest. I am pretty powerful but, not as powerful as the Pharaoh.
  • Priests
  • Oh no! Looks pretty stormy. Better go get the Craftsmen.
  • Slaves are the people who were the Pharaoh workers. They were beat if they didn´t do something right or messed up. They were even killed. They got little food and water.
  • Craftsmen
  • Why hello there, I am the craftsmen. I am collecting clay.
  • Bob!! There is a storm coming!!
  • The Pharaoh was the hierarcy of the slaves are everyone. The pharaohs were belived to be Gods.
  • Farmers
  • A storm is coming! C´mon.
  • The Priests was a noble aim. The just a little below the Pharaoh. Priests were responsible for pleasing the Gods.
  • Scribes
  • Ok! Class... you know what... nevermind. I´ll tell you what there here for.
  • Craftsmen sold and made jewerly. They also made things like pottery and tools and many other things.
  • hmmmm?
  • Farmers tended to the crop fields. They also raised animals and kept canals and reservoirs in order. The paid 60% of their taxes in hay!
  • Hi! I am the farmer here! I am in the same postion as the slaves. It is prett...... What in the world?
  • When people saved enough money, they would send their sons to school to learn about trading , so they could get a job in the government when they get older. What are scribes and what do they do? Well, scribes work in the Government. They would learn to read and write. Then they would gain employment in the Government.
  • They are here to learn become scribes. What is a scribe exactly? Well
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