Gunthers story
Updated: 11/20/2020
Gunthers story

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  • This is Gunther which means “Warrior”. He was in the army in his early 20s and became a war hero. Hes become sergeant and is going on his first mission with his new team.
  • They had a mission in the forest on a abandoned island and whilst roaming around, a bear attacked him out of nowhere and his teammates fled thinking he was dead. A wolf saved his life and surprisingly killed the bear.
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  • He became friends with the wolf and lived and survived in the forest for around 2 years with the wolf and used a tiny bit of English and math to help him survive as he only knew little about it.
  • Someone finally rescued him after 2 years of living in the forest and it was one of his own teammates that fled 2 years ago.
  • He was traumatized by his experience and left the army. He then started to learn more about English and math as it did save his life and became very knowledgeable about it.
  • He eventually became a very smart man. He then took the path to become successful businessman and everything worked out. He has found his long life career and is now settling down with is wife and 3 kids.
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