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Updated: 1/22/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Han Dynasty (206bc-220ad)
  • Waring states period (220ad-581ad)
  • Sui Dynasty (581ad-618ad)
  • Considered a golden ageFounded by Lui BangConfucianism was popularPaper money,raised-relief maps and steering ship rudder were invented
  • Tang (618ad-907ad) and Song Dynasty(960ad-1279ad)
  • After the Han Dynasty they had no central government for the next 300 yearsIt broke into 17 kingdoms,war and poetry were all overMilitary leaders fought over who will run the governmentIt lost control and Korea broke away and built their own civilization
  • Yuan Dynasty (1281ad-13
  • Founded by WendiWendi's son Yangdi attacked Korea but failedYangdi rebuilt the Great WallHe forced farmers to make the Grand Canal and he highered taxes which caused rebellion and they killed him
  • Ming Dynasty
  • Yangdi's generals took controlTaizong restored civil service exams, they hire scholar-officials by the examsA woman named Empress Wu added more officials and strengthen the militaryThey started expanding there area and took over Tibet and took control over the Silk RoadTurks took the Silk Road and many revolts weakened China and it endedThe Song Dynasty Time of prosperity Tibet broke awayMoved capital to HangzhouEmpires had a lack of soldiers
  • Kublai Khan took over china and started it The Mongols took overthey began to be separated from the rest of the worldMarco Polo from Italy came and told many stories and documented his experiences in Chinathey conquered Vietnam and Korea but failed to beat Japan
  • h
  • A rebel leader named Zhu Yuanzhang became emperorHe was cruel, He killed any officials that he suspected for treasonHis son Yong Le became emperor and built the Imperial City, in the center of the city was the Forbidden city where only emperors livedThey rebulit the damages from the Mongols, created a census, and improved the economyPotugal wanted to tarade and convert them to Christian but the Chinese retricted but there knowledge impressed them and gave them clocks, eyeglasses but they didn't convert alot.The Manchus deafeted the army and controled the capital Bejing
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