Updated: 1/4/2020
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  • Presidential Reconstruction
  • You are pardoned.
  • Black Codes
  • You can't preach!
  • Radical Reconstruction
  • We can finally vote!
  • Presidential Reconstruction started once Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and Andrew Jackson became president. He favored the white Southerners rather than the African Americans. He pardoned the white Southerners, let them back into political office, and allowed them to pass Black Codes. He also believed that African Americans shouldn't vote, have the same rights as the whites, or even live on their own.
  • White League & KKK
  • Don't Vote!!
  • Black Codes were created during the ear of Presidential Reconstruction. These codes didn't allow Blacks to do many things. These things were not being able to congregate after sunset, they had curfews, and they couldn't even preach without a special permission from the president of the police jury. If the African Americans went against the Black Codes, they would be punished.
  • Freedmen's Bureau
  • Come get your rations.
  • Radical Reconstruction started and this brought a lot of changes. The Northerners behind Radical Reconstruction wanted the former Southern Confederates who started the Civil War to be punished. The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendment was created and these amendments gave African Americans the right to vote and citizenship. The Reconstruction Act of 1867 didn't allow former Confederates to vote and sent in the military to make sure African Americans were treated as equals.
  • Compromise of 1877
  • Time to head out boys.
  • The White League and KKK were both for white supremacy. They wanted to bring down African Americans. They used violence to keep African Americans from voting. The White League even tried to overthrow the Louisiana Government with violence. These group wanted to put fear into the African Americans and Republicans.
  • RUNNN!!
  • The Freedmen's Bureau helped African Americans get off their feet. They gave African Americans supplies like food and water, clothes. They supplied them with rations. The South didn't like the Freedmen's Bureau because it helped the African Americans. They also didn't like the "carpetbaggers" because some of them worked with the North and went to to the South.
  • The Compromise of 1877 ended Reconstruction. President Hayes took the military out of the South. The North was no longer in the business of the South. This caused the Southerners to take away the voting rights of the African Americans and separate them.
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