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Tears of a Tiger
Updated: 9/24/2019
Tears of a Tiger
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  • -Strength: He has not let the accident completely derail his life
  • -Robbie's teammate and friend, and driver during accident
  • -Defining moment: He was the driver during the accident
  • -Question: "Why didn't I die instead of Robbie?"
  • -Weakness: He doesn't try in school because he doesn't want to get made fun of
  • "I wanted it to be me dead instead of Rob." pg 24
  • Andy
  • -Defining moment: The only one not drunk the night of the accident
  • -"One of the guys",
  • -Question: "Should I have been driving since I was the only sober one?
  • -Strength: Doesn't drink
  • -Weakness: Short, so he's not on the basketball team and might not be as close as the other guys
  • "Of course most things in life are bigger than I am, but I'm learnin' to live with it” Pg !7
  • B.J
  • -Defining moment: Letting Andy vent to her and cry
  • -Question: "When is Andy going to be okay?"
  • -Weakness: Can be a little shallow and annoyed when Andy is depressed
  • -Strength: Is good at supporting Andy and helping him with what he's going through
  • -Andy's girlfriend
  • "I know it hurts, baby- go ahead and let it out.”Pg 75
  • Keisha
  • -Defining Moment: Given his toy to Andy when he had nightmares
  • -Weakness: Is too young to really understand whats going on
  • -Question: "Why is Andy so sad?"
  • -Strength: Innocent and compassionate
  • -Andy's little brother
  • "You want my Teenage Warrior Space Soldier?” Pg 102
  • Monty
  • -Question: "Why do young people die?"
  • -Defining Moment: Delivered the news to Keisha
  • -Strength: Is probably supporting Tyrone through Rob's death
  • -Tyrone's girlfriend
  • -Weakness: Seems to care about social drama more than Rob
  • "You kinda figure if you're 17, you'll live forever.” Pg 31
  • Rhonda
  • -One of the guys, but was not in the car during the accident
  • -Defining Moment: Wasn’t in the car because his dad would beat him
  • -Strength: He has a very hard life and it’s made him resilient
  • -Weakness: Was almost relieved Andy came to school hurt because it took attention away from himself
  • -Question: "Why do bad things happen to good people?"
  • “To make MY world better, I’d get rid of peanut butter, Band-Aids, and five-dollar bills”Pg 34
  • Gerald
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