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assignment story board
Updated: 10/16/2019
assignment story board
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fun boar.

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  • Issac : Juan got mad at the teacher because he got screamed at by the teacher for getting caught cheating on the test.know he wants to get her back by throwing toilet paper at her house and Issac says not to becouse she has a bunch of cameras around her house
  • don't do it you could get in trouble Juan: but i want to get her back with toilet paper.Issac: make it up to her tell her that you wont cheat again and then she wouldn't give you no more ride ups for ya.
  • just tell her shes right there that you wont.Juan :hi missis t i just came to tell you that i wont cheat again.Issac: im not going to toilet her house with you Juan: i am so i'll do it my selfe then.issac: im not going to help you get in trouble .juan : im going to tell her that you are going to toilet het her house
  • Issac: im telling ya don't do it !!! Juan: im going to do it because shes a mean teacher.Issac: Don't Do It. Juan: im going to do it .Issac: im leaving
  • Issac: why don't we just go get some ice cream or somting juan: ice cream is boring i want to toilet her house it will be so fun.
  • here she comes and im going to tell i don't want to be accused of something i didn't do.Juan:OK be like that i'll just not be your friend Any more.Juan: OK i don't care.Issac:Mrs tulip Juan got mad at you because you screamed at him.
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