Drug Childrens Book
Updated: 12/4/2020
Drug Childrens Book

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  • Life has been tough
  • Hi! I'm Edward as a kid growing up on drugs you don't want this to happen to you. I want to show you how drugs have impacted my life.
  • But one day in 9th grade I gave in
  • I was always the weird one left out not doing drugs
  • Wanna do some Mary Jane
  • Those are our local bullies, Derrick and Chris. They were 2 grades above me and treated me as a little kid until today. I never thought I would get another opportunity like this in my life. So... I took it
  • But my ¨friends¨ told me I was high
  • As soon as I accepted it I felt this weird feeling like I was growing
  • Wanna do some Mary Jane
  • It was even harder to focus in class
  • Name:____________ Benjamin Franklin George Washington Thomas Jefferson B and C
  • F
  • When we got our quizzes back it was the best result
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