Updated: 4/14/2021

Storyboard Text

  • John Bampton arrived in Essex on the 30th May 1381, attempting to collect poll taxes. The peasants weren't having it.
  • I can't pay these retched taxes!!
  • It's time to pay your poll taxes to help us fight the French. King's order!!
  • Wat Tyler & John Ball thought Richard II's poll taxed were preferential and discriminatory and began a rebellion.
  • How the heck is this far?!!
  • The only option is to start a rebellion!
  • The rebellions of Essex set fire to government buildings legal documents of law
  • Richard II and the mayor of London met and spitefully murdered Tyler
  • You shall die, Wat Tyler, for what you have brought upon the country
  • Richard eventually came to his senses and changed the rules
  • I understand that this is unfair and so I will abolish serfdom and decrease taxes to its former price
  • The king sent out his soldiers to kill all the peasants who rebelled against his decisison
  • Soldiers! Round up all your men and assassinate all peasants who rebelled against my decision