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Updated: 9/17/2020
BTP story board

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  • The Boston tea party has a conflict because politicians wanted to protest of british putting no taxation without representation.
  • The date of the Boston tea party was December 16, 1773 and the place was in Massachusetts.
  • There were a lot of people involved with the Boston tea party but their was certain like Samuel Adams, a lot of people from the son of liberty,john Hancock.
  • There was some primary cause of the Boston tea party that was the cause. people reacted towards “ taxation without representation” and, Wanted colonies to pay taxes for no reason and this was during a war over Indians and French.
  • The reasons why the boston tea party happened and went down at that night. The boston tea politics wanted to protest or discuss on December 16 of why they had to pay more taxes then what they already had to pay because everyone was super angry.
  • That the British shut down Boston Harbor after all of the east India company tea were paid for.
  • The long- term outcome was,That this was going on the american revolution and it was also a creation of the united states.The Boston tea party didn't like how the British made a company for tea.