Reading prodject
Updated: 4/8/2021
Reading prodject

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  • I don't think we should see each other for a while...
  • Look i need you to do good on this test, that way you can pass 8th grade and be with me in high school
  • Why!?
  • No...I just need you to do good and not let our relationship be a distraction
  • If that is how you feel than fine, you don't have to be with me.
  • Are you breaking up with me!?
  • Ok bye. ill call you tonight.
  • ill leave then...because i know you wanna break up with me.
  • OK. Well goodbye...
  • Jeffrey is at Lindsey's house and she is telling him that she doesn't want to see him until he has this test.
  • Jeffrey gets dramatic and starts saying things that aren't true and Lindsey keeps telling him that she still likes him.
  • Lindsey starts to yell that she doesn't want to break up with Jeffrey after he said that he knew she didn't wanna be with him. So Jeffrey leaves and goes home, having a lot on his mind because he thinks that she dumped him, but she still loves him. He is pretty mad and has a lot going on.