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Fish In A Tree
Updated: 11/21/2017
Fish In A Tree
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  • "Hey Ally! so, hows your reading and writing? Struggling? Oh I shouldn't be talking to a freak like you, well so sad you can't read and write. Maybe you wont fit in after all," Shay says with defeat. -Ally tried her hardest to just ignore Shay and go away- "Ok? I'm going back to lass now." Ally said with sadness. "Oh before you go, I just wanna say, NO ONE LIKES YOU!" Shay yelled with anger. -Ally walks away after-
  • "Oh, I think Mr. Daniels is tricking us. There must be something stuck to something and thats why!" Ally said. "Nice job Ally," Albert says. "Yeah, way to go, no one ever got that." Jessica said. "Way to go Ally! I have been doing this for 15 years straight and no one has ever gotten that before. Nice job kiddo." Mr Daniels said with happiness. And finally Ally was happy with herself.
  • As Ally went outside to work on the problem, a few minutes later, Shay comes out with her best friend Jessica. Ally starts to think why they are out but still is focused about the problem. Shay starts think but then writes something for Ally on her white board. When she held it up, it read, "Hey Ally, can you read this?" Ally trys her best to ignore her and goes back to the problem. "Hmm, this is hard, do you know the answer Ally?" Asked Jessica. "Of course she doesn't, do you know her?" Said Shay. "I GOT IT!" Ally yelled with happiness and runs back in.
  • "Hey Ally," Mr Daniels said. "Hi Mr Daniels, why did you want to see me?" Ally asked. "Oh, I wanted to see you because, I thought you could stay after school and I could teach you some chess and give you extra help to see what you can do, I think you will be good at it." Ally thinks and thinks and then accepts his offer for the extra help. So then Ally started staying after school and got smarter by the second. She ends up learning she learns this diffrently and is still having a good time.
  • "Hey Albert, hey Keisha!" Ally yelled. "Hey Ally!" They both yelled. They were just talking and waiting for the bus. "Guys, so I shouldn't say this but Mr. Daniels is giving me extra help at school sometimes." "Oh, well thats crazy, staying after school for more school? Well don't worry , we are here to help you. Keisha said. Ally was releived and enjoyed her life and block Shay out. 
  • After Mr. Daniels talked about dyslexia, and when the class found out about it, everyone thought it was interesting and most attention was on Ally instead of Shay. The next day, Suki brought in an A for Ally, Ally was finally happy with her school and doesn't have to worry much anymore. When Ally looked over at Shays desk, she saw multiple old friendship bracelets. After all that Shay learned her lesson and Ally was happy with her school and didn't have to worry much about Shay.
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