Updated: 12/17/2020

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  • Water is very important to humans as without water we would die from dehyradtion and we could die from overheating.
  • Meat...Throat...dry
  • No only is water important for humans consumption it also helps so the world doesn't over heart and ultimately kill us all
  • With the lack of water in some places it can get very hot so when you have less water you have higher heats. This is why places with large bodies of water are more cooler than deserts without
  • Honey, we have to find more water
  • Oh ok
  • A lot of water availability affects human life as many average human has to find water no matter there circumstance
  • Water is not equally everywhere as some places of the world are full of water while others have little to none which changes there way of tmperature, and life style.
  • Water is wasted as many people are using hygiene machines that involve water and waste it. Simple things like keeping it on unnecessary to floods and overfills can all affect a household
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