The Next Great Thing

Updated: 9/15/2020
The Next Great Thing

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  • Part 1 and Part 2
  • What homework is due today??
  • That's okay. I can handle anything they throw at me.
  • Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5
  • You need to be prepared, Matt. Some of the guys won't support you like they should.
  • Part 6
  • What is a 17 year old doing in my position?
  • You got it kid! Show us what you got
  • Ordinary World: Matt is a regular 17 year old boy just making his way through high school. His life is plagued with the struggle of waking up before noon and getting homework done on time, but his greatest joy in life is baseball. Call to Adventure: One day after practice, an official-looking man came up to Matt and informed him that he is a scout for the Atlanta Braves. He then tells Matt that he is an extraordinary pitcher and asks if he can come back to Georgia with him the following week to see about getting a spot on the team.
  • Part 7 and Part 8
  • Don't mess up. Don't mess up. Don't mess up.
  • Refusal: Matt has no hesitation; this is his one in a lifetime opportunity and he isn't going to miss it. What 17 year old gets drafted for a major league team? Crossing the Threshold: The very next day, Matt is all packed up and ready to go. He meets up with the scout he'd seen at practice, and they drive the 5 hours to Atlanta. He can only think about the cheering and adoring fans, not about the hard road he had ahead. Meeting the Mentor: On their drive, Scott, Matt's scout, starts telling him about his own MLB experience along with the ups and downs he might experience on the team.
  • Part 9 and Part 10
  • Hey kid, you did good tonight. Welcome to the team.
  • Thanks, Rodney. I'm glad to be here and honored to play with you.
  • Tests, Allies, and Enemies: Matt's first day of practice is not what he expected. His nerves are all over the place, and he can't throw a strike to save his life. While he is struggling, the two youngest men on the team, Jimmy and Ben, walk over to encourage him, and suddenly, Matt has some allies. Unfortunately, not everyone is excited about his arrival; an older player named Rodney is already doing all he can to get Matt sent back home. In the coming days, the team has a few games, none of which Matt is asked to play in. He is frustrated with his role of bench warmer and wonders why they even brought him there in the first place.
  • Part 11 and Part 12
  • Yes!! That means I'm one step closer the field. My dream is not dead!
  • Your hard work is paying off. That shoulder is looking a lot better, Matt.
  • Approach: On the way to one of their games, Matt hears a rumor that their starting pitcher is injured and might not be able to play; this terrifies him. Though he had been eager to get on the field, the pressure of a major league mound is now too much. He tries his best to stay calm and prepare himself, but it's no use.Ordeal: It is now the ninth inning, and the relief pitcher is struggling. Matt is called up from the bench. Though he can feel thousands of eyes on him when he steps on the mound, he knows that he has a job to do. First pitch....strike. He did it; Matt, a seventeen year old, is striking out batter after batter in his first MLB game. He was seemingly victorious.
  • Reward: Not only does Matt pull out the victory for his team, but he also gains the respect of those who had previously not believed in him, including Rodney. He won the freedom from his fear and anxiety and from the judgment of others.Road Back: The very next week, it is time for Matt to go back home to catch up with school as the team has a break in their schedule. When he gets back to school, everyone is eager to know about his experience, and he is happy to tell them. He's become a local celebrity.
  • Resurrection: As Matt is pitching in his yard one day after school, he feels a huge pop in his shoulder, and he rushes to the doctor. When the doctor tells him that he needs surgery, Matt is devastated. He has a choice to either give up his dream and everything he's worked for, or he can get the surgery and work towards rehabilitation. Though it is hard, Matt decides that his dreams aren't over, only postponed; he will come back better than ever. Return w/ Elixir: After his surgery, Matt does months of physical therapy and makes his way back to the field. His friends, teammates, and doctors encourage him until the day he makes his victorious reappearance on the mound.