comic part 1
Updated: 2/9/2021
comic part 1

Storyboard Text

  • Hey dude, have you bought souvenirs? There are a lot of things you could buy here!Hey class let’s check all the stores then gather up after 2 hours ok? We will meet at the other side of the mall then let’s go to the next one.
  • Whew~ I bought so many stuff, Allright guys! Gather up! Its already 2:30 pm and I think by 4 we’ll need to be at the beach resort.
  • Uhm excuse me Jake, but we are actually need to be at theresort by 3pm, not 4.
  • 3 hours later
  • Oh, is that so? That means we need to go there now, and I thinkwe are getting a bit hungry because of that walking hahaha. Okay lets hurry upand eat, I heard that the food there is quite delicious Oh! and by the way guys,Does anyone of you know where are we??
  • *After taking a bus and a few minute walk, they arrived at Magazine Shop*
  • ........
  • No need to panic guys! We’ll just ask for directions from thepeople around here.
  • Goodidea Nina! And look! There’s a police man nearby. Let’s just ask him fordirections.
  • Sir can we ask for directions of this resort right here*shows picture* where kinda lost right now and don’t know where to ride or go.
  • Yup!  Thank You for teaching me sir! Goodbye!
  • Uhm excuse me sir.
  • Hmm.. Oh this resort! Okay kid I’ll tell ya so listen up. See that bus station over there? You guys ride that bus till the next 2 stations. After you go down from you can now see the beach, but you’re not at the resort yet.Near the bus station there’s a sign there and go to the direction of “Kanda St.”.After walking for a few minutes you’ll see a Magazine vendor there and turn right and you can now see your resort!
  • Hm? Yes? What’s the problem?
  • Got that kid?