Updated: 4/1/2021

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  • True Beauty
  • Marikit, this is our new home!
  • Let's start our new life here in U.S!
  • Hahahahah!She's so ugly! Lol!
  • Let me help you, Ma'am!
  • Look at her! Why is she like that?
  • and her flat nose. LOL!
  • She's transferee!
  • Look at her dark skin!
  • Marikit was a teenage girl with a Filipino roots, her father and mother found their way in the United States after they were luckily employed and appointed in the U.S. as the company’s representative. For the family’s convenience and comfort, Marikit’s parents decided to have their family with them— starting a new life in another country.
  • I hope he likes it!
  • Wha..what!?
  • It's from the dark girl! Lol
  • It's a waste bro!
  • Marikit loves helping other people, she was also hardworking and compassionate. whenever she walks by, people distance themselves to her, and on the far side of the street, folks points their finger at her while muttering something atrocious.
  • Acquire English accent New nameLighter skin complexionBe tallerAmerican like facial structure
  • A day will come where the old Marikit whom they bullied be unrecognizable...
  • ...for this, she will be mistakenly thought as another person whose beauty and charisma are envied by everyone who glances at her.
  • Marikit was the only Filipina student in her school, with her distinctive appearance, she has always been the centerfold of bullying, mistreatment, and racism.
  • These dreadful situations of her persist throughout her stay in the United States, she responds with it indifferently— not until Valentine’s day. Marikit with all the courage she hoard decided to gift her long-time crush with a self-made bracelet with his name carved into it and leave it on his table.
  • In front of the mirror, Marikit with a heavy heart, feeling deserted, pitying herself, and with tears ricocheting from her swollen eyes. Thirsty of vengeance for those who wronged and bullied her, she fearlessly talk herself.