Final Project
Updated: 12/17/2020
Final Project

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  • Wow I barely escaped that stupid robot hound I could have died.
  • You look like you have been through a lot, I just gathered my thoughts.
  • My name is Montag I just got away from my death under the hands of my corrupt government.
  • My name is Winston I'm also running from a corrupt government, I can't even think without being persecuted by "Big Brother" or The Party
  • Reading is against the law where I live, I was a worker who would burn books and the house of the law breakers, I never agreed with the practice but it was the way I made a Living.
  • That sounds terrible that you were forced to do that, I was always watched like everyone else but eventually we rebelled which ended horrible. I live in a dystopian society like you and it's the worst. I couldn't even think to myself, or I will be punished and sent to prison
  • Compared to you I'm lucky I was able to think and talk about whatever, just not read.
  • That may be true, but I can't imagine not reading, not even propaganda at least I was able to read. 
  • We weren't mind controlled at least we had thoughts and others only cared about themselves laughing at peoples houses being burned down or people dying
  • My people were controlled by the government to think the same way, anything will land yo in jail once there was little you can do, many ways to keep us in surveying and no way to think freely.
  • That sounds terrible hopefully you can escape and live a thoughtful life of happiness in this devastating time we call life, I need to go that robot hound is still on my tail and I can't keep stopping
  • I hope you make it out alive and live a happier life of reading and thinking freely Goodbye Montag.
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