Pea Plants
Updated: 5/22/2020
Pea Plants

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  • The pea plants can have either red or white flowers
  • This means that there are two varieties of genes, which are known as alleles
  • The red flower trait is dominant and the white flower trait is recessive
  • The dominant trait is represented using 'Big R' and the recessive trait is represented by 'little r'
  • If a pea plant has two red flowers, it is homozygous dominant, and two white flowers means it is homozygous recessive
  • If a pea plant has one red and one white flower it is heterozygous
  • The phenotype is the physical appearance, so one has the appearance of red flowers and the other of white flowers
  • The genotype of the flowers are their alleles, so for the red flower the genotype is RR and for the white flower its rr
  • The offspring that these two parents produce is known as the f1 generation
  • The f2 generation is the generation produced by the f1 generation
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