Updated: 2/21/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Sabrina lives alone. She is single and spends too much time on her phone comparing herself to others. She is sad and doesn't work out as much as she'd like.
  • One of Sabrina's friends tells her about Health 360°, a super app that can help her with screen time and to get healthy.
  • Sabrina downloads the super app and creates an account. She sets goals and connects her smartwatch.
  • She is sticking to her new workout goals and getting plenty of sleep, she is also reducing her screen time this way.
  • By connecting with others struggling with the same issues, she's grown and understands her emotions and how to mitigate them better. She no longer compares herself to others. She also keeps and uploads daily journals to even better understand her emotions.
  • Sabrina is happier. She is getting more exercise, is spending less time in front of screens (which means less Instagram) and has a much improved her mental health. She recommends the super app to others.