How a Bill Becomes a Law

Updated: 10/6/2021
How a Bill Becomes a Law

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  • A bill starts off with an idea from the people.
  • You should have to shovel your sidewalk and driveway everyday.
  • "You should have to shovel and driveway everyday." Hmm, not a bad idea, lets write it into a bill.
  • A senator or congressperson officaly writes the idea that came from citizen(s) into a bill.
  • Why do you think people should have to shovel their sidewalk and driveway everyday.
  • Well, for one it will make delivering mail faster and easier for the mailperson. Also,neighborhoods will look better and more clean.
  • But, some people dont have time to shovel their sidewalk and driveway this could make people not want to buy a house and the house market will go down and more abandoned houses will pop up.
  • Representatives or Senators or both meet in a small group to research, talk, and make changes if necessary to the bill. They vote to accept or reject the bill.
  • When 218 out of 435 people in Congress vote for the bill it moves to Senate.
  • I agree!
  • I disagree!
  • Once the bill passes Congress it moves to the Senate and the Senate debates and votes on the bill.
  • After the bill goes through Senate it then has to be signed by the president, if the president doesn't like the bill they can veto it.
  • Veto.