road to revolution
Updated: 2/3/2020
road to revolution
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  • French and Indian war-1754-1763
  • Proclamation of 1763
  • I have the proclamation of 1763 in my hands. It shall prevent you from going to the Ohio river valley.
  • Eh. We are going to go there anyway.
  • The sugar act-1764
  • I have an idea; lets up the taxes on sugar and molasses!
  • Causes: Colonists settle in the Ohio River Valley, and trade with Indians. Effects: Great Britain gained all the east Mississippi land, Spain gained all of the land west of Mississippi, France lost all of it's North America land, and Great Britain taxed all colonists because of war.
  • stamp act-1765
  • ooh! Lets make people have to buy stamps when they buy paper!
  • Causes: tried to prevent the French from going to the Ohio River Valley, so another war dident happen. Effects: the sugar act was made, because they dident make enough money on taxing the colonists the first time
  • Quartering act-1765
  • Here is your food.
  • causes: The king upped the taxes on sugar and molasses. Effects: They made the stamp act next, because the sugar act was not enough money made.
  • Forming of the sons of liberty-1765
  • Stop the ridiculous taxes!!
  • Causes:They did not make enough money on the sugar act. Effects: Whenever they buy paper, they have to buy stamps too.
  • Cause: Soldiers from Britain went to guard Britain. The people on the outskirts of Britain had to pay for their food and shelter. Effect: the sons of liberty was formed.
  • Causes: After all the extra taxes, people couldn't take it anymore. The sons of liberty was formed it it would fight back with the unnecessary taxes. Effects: It would start to lead up to the american revolution.
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