Womens online saftey
Updated: 2/7/2021
Womens online saftey

Storyboard Text

  • What a wonderful morning. Good morning Bella
  • lets get ready for the day!
  • Bow Bow
  • A message ! i will check once i am done washing my face.I wonder from who it's from?
  • No i am Marco
  • No no you know me remember we were in the same class
  • I am your friend from high school
  • Is this Lena
  • Unknown number
  • Who is this
  • I am sorry but i don't know anyone in the name of marco
  • Is this jack?
  • And if u don't send i will find your family.And that's the end of everything for u
  • You will send inappropriate picture understand
  • Now your gonna do as say understand .
  • NO you know me!
  • Message seen 1 minute ago
  • Please don't do anything i will send
  • No i wont
  • Don't do anything to my family
  • I know. I am so sorry for this i will never forgive my self at least my family will be safe.This is all i can do now.
  • Now what am i going to do this man is going to harm my family.If i tell mom she is going to be in so stressed and she might cry.
  • Lena Please honey open!!
  • Lena open!
  • Lena is everything okay.Open the bathroom door.Why is it locked