PE Dealing with OCD

Updated: 6/14/2020
PE Dealing with OCD

Storyboard Description

This storyboard shows you how you should deal with OCD, whether it's with one of your friends or family members.

Storyboard Text

  • Sam
  • Hey Bro!Come sit with me!
  • Finn
  • Sure mate but is it OK if I do 2 laps of the room first?
  • Huh?
  • Why man? Just sit with me and we can walk after!
  • I can't, my OCD means that I have to do this first.
  • Okay no problem, I'll walk with you then!
  • Thanks man, I know it's annoying I just can't help it.
  • In this scene we meet friends Sam and Finn who see each other at the mall. Sam calls Finn over to join him but Finn says he needs to walk around the room 2 times first. I wanted to show that people with OCD can have routines that others might find strange and that even a small thing like sitting down can have a compulsion associated with it.
  • Hey Finn have you ever tried some relaxation techniques or have you seen a psychiatrist?
  • I don't know, I always thought it would be a waste of time and too expensive
  • Here we see that Sam is confused and asks his friend why he has to do this. Finn explains that it's because he has OCD. I wanted to include this exchange because during my research I learnt that people with OCD are usually very aware that their behaviour can seem odd to others and are often willing to explain that they have the disorder.
  • Maybe you could try an online app like Headspace orOmvana it's actually free and can help you with daily relaxation routines
  • That's true I hadn't ever thought about trying something online. I could even do it from home!
  • Finn has been upfront and Sam is understanding. He doesnt try to convince Finn that he should just sit down. I wanted this scene to demonstrate how you should treat a person with OCD. They should be supported and treated with respect and not judged for their routine. You can see in this scene that Finn is very thankful for the support..
  • 2 Weeks Later...
  • Dude I'm so happy for you! It's amazing how much those apps have worked!
  • I would never have tried them if you hadn't been so understanding. Great idea man! I just thought nothing would help. I'm so grateful for your support!
  • While they walk Sam asks Finn if he has tried relaxation techniques which are well known to help people cope with OCD. Finn thinks it will be a waste of time and money. I wanted to show that many people feel there is no point seeking help. They may feel that nothing will help them or that they cannot afford the assistance. This is a very common problem in many families and not many people are aware that seeing a psychiatrist and using relaxation techniques are some of the best-practice management techniques.
  • In this scene Sam suggests some online apps that might help and Finn responds by saying he hadn't thought about that. It's a positive exchange with Finn feeling like its a good idea. I wanted to include this scene as it's a supportive discussion between friends and reminds people that there are ways to get help with relaxation in a way that is inexpensive and can be done from the comfort of their own home.
  • In this final scene we see that it's 2 weeks since the friends last met at the mall but this time Sam and Finn are sitting together looking happy. Finn says that he would never have thought of trying the apps if it weren't for Sam. I wanted people to understand that there is help out there and that learning relaxation techniques can have a positive impact on the treatment and management of OCD.