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The messenger
Updated: 9/14/2020
The messenger
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Storyboard Text

  • Messenger takes place in an unknown time and village, but during the second half they are in a forest.
  • The side characters in the Messenger are Leader, The Seer, Jean, Mentor, and Ramon
  • Rising Action
  • Exposition
  • the main chacter is a boy named Matty, along with a girl named Kira and Matty's dog Frolic
  • The theme of The Messenger is that sometimes
  • The Climax
  • The theme
  • This is because in
  • The protagonist of Messenger is a boy named Matty, While the antagonist is the forest
  • Protaganist vs Antagonist
  • Falling Action and resolution
  • The conflict of the story is that the forest is becoming very hostile, and he needs to bring Kira back to his village through the forest
  • The Rising action is when Matty goes to the trade and notices that when people trade for things, they begin to change and begin wanting to ban people from coming into the village.
  • the climax of the story is when Matty gets Kira and the forest begins getting more and more hostile towards them, and they are getting more and more defeated
  • The Falling action is Matty healing the forest and the villigers, and Leader finding them soon after.The Resolution is Matter dying, and seeing the village and forest being healed from their
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