Russian Revolution Timeline
Updated: 2/3/2020
Russian Revolution Timeline
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  • Nicholas II (1868-1918)
  • I will take my father spot and do better.
  • Bolsheviks and Mensheviks (1903-1917)
  • The Bolsheviks have investigated the murder of the czars and we haven't found the murder.
  • The Revolution of 1905 (1905-1907)
  • The czar shouldn't be able to rule anymore, he should step down.
  • Nicholas II was born on May 6, 1868 in Pushkin, Russia. He inherited the throne when his father, Alexander III, died in 1894. Nicholas II’s handling of Bloody Sunday and World War I incensed his subjects and led to his abdication. Bolsheviks executed him and his family on the night of July 16-17, 1918, in Yekaterinburg, Russia.
  • Civil War (1917-1922)
  •  The Bolsheviks are known as the red army or the communist party, committed to the ideals of karl marx. The Bolsheviks put Nicholas ii and his family under house arrest, then later murder by the Bolsheviks. The Bolsheviks also investigated the murder to make sure they don’t get in trouble. The Mensheviks were one dominant faction in the Russian socialist movement.The Mensheviks were led by Julius Martov. Julius Martov was a member of the Social Democratic Labor Party. The Mensheviks were known as the white army and were against what the bolsheviks stood for.
  • Lenin in Control (1870-1924)
  • I will give land, peace, and bread
  • The Russian revolution: The Russian Revolution of 1905 was a wave of mass political and social unrest that spread through vast areas of the Russian Empire, some of which was directed at the government. It included worker strikes, peasant unrest, and military mutinies.
  • Stalin (1878-1953)
  • One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic.
  • The civil war occurred after November 1917, many groups opposing Lenin’s Bolsheviks had formed . These groups included monarchists, militarists, and for a short time foreign nations. Collectively, they were known as the Mensheviks or the Whites while the Bolsheviks were known as the Reds.
  • The Bolsheviks are going to run Russia into the ground.
  • Vladimir Lenin was a Russian communist revolutionary and head of the Bolshevik Party who rose to prominence during the Russian Revolution of 1917.
  • On December 18, 1879, in the Russian, Joseph Stalin was born. The other children treated him cruelly, instilling in him a sense of inferiority. Because of this, Stalin began a quest for greatness and respect. Stalin used his power to make almost all members owe him their positions in the future. It was too late by the time people realized what Stalin was doing and he rose in power. Then killed Lenin and everyone allied with Lenin.
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