Ghost of the lagoon
Updated: 3/17/2021
Ghost of the lagoon

Storyboard Text

  • Sure mom
  • Mako while you´re out today can you get some more bananas?
  • oink oink
  • I don´t want to run into an angry pig with only a banana knife
  • In this scene Mako is told to get bananas by his mom.
  • Afa get back here!!!!
  • After being told by his mom he goes to a nearby island that grows bananas.
  • Yay! Tupa is dead!
  • In this scene Mako is on the island cutting bananas and shortly after he gets oranges.
  • Good night grandpa!
  • Good Night Mako!
  • in this scene Mako is worried that Afa will be eaten by Tupa so he protects him by shooting the spear at Tupa
  • in this scene Mako has killed Tupa and now is going to bring him ashore.
  • In this scene Mako is saying goodnight because he will get the prize from the king tomorrow.