Escaping Slavery: The Underground Railroad
Updated: 2/18/2020
Escaping Slavery: The Underground Railroad
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  • I cannot tolerate this treatment any longer! I will run tonight!
  • I had decided I would use the Underground Railroad to get North. The Underground Railroad was a series of secret routes we used to have freedom from slavery. The conductor would guide me to "the drinking gourd" (shows north star) and the station was the place I would stay for a while with the station master, the person who operates the station.
  • Best be quiet. I don't want to awaken the master. I will follow "drinking gourd" to the Ohio River and only travel at night.
  • Slave catchers would soon try to find me and bring me back to my Master where I will be beaten. Earlier, I had washed my scent off in a river nearby so the slave catchers dogs would not find me.
  • At the Ohio River, a "conductor" from the Underground Railroad system started giving me a ride to to the North. She didn't speak to me and wouldn't look at me. If she got caught, she wouldn't have to lie about not knowing me because she wouldn't.
  • The "conductor" told me of a "depot" where a "station master" lived. The "station master" would care for me for the night and then I would be on my way again. They are very brave of doing this because those who are caught helping slaves get fined or jail time.
  • Hurry in quietly.
  • After staying with the station master, I headed for Canada because even in the North, the poeple from the South could take us back to my Master due to the law. In Canada, I am safe from them. Now in Canada, I am FREE!
  • I am free! Yay!
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