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i woke up in a book?
Updated: 11/28/2019
i woke up in a book?
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  • "alright kids im going to sort you into two groups, then u have to put on the jersey colour of your team then we begin playing basketball!" shouted the coach, "ughhhhh' complained the kids then they went and began to follow the rules.
  • the game started, there was yellow team and red team, Quinlan had the ball as he skid past Dante and jumped in the air, Iman the cheerleader cheered him off, carmen was fierce she tried hitting the ball off him "wow your pretty good" complimented Quinlan "thanks" replied carmen
  • hey, where are you at?
  • Phoenix
  • 89%
  • hello???
  • me
  • 2:15pm
  • Quinlan was near the hoop, but just as he shot the goal the ball bounced off the hoop then.. "POW!" the ball slammed straight into Carmen's face and then she was to the ground in seconds. "omg, are you ok? wake up!" shouted Quinlan, "ahaha stupid girl" laughed Iman then walked off, "carmen, carmen wake up!" budged phoenix but no reply, just then the coach came and picked up carmen then took her to the nurse's room.
  • Time past by and carmen began to open her eyes, as she looked around she saw no-one and heard silence.. she then picked up her phone to message her friends-
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