Updated: 5/18/2021

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  • I'll take that crown 
  • You are the king now 
  • Banquo left the court, we should get rid of future problems
  • We had to make him feel safe to make things easier 
  • Lets kill Banquo!!!!
  • What are you doing here!! You are dead. 
  • In these scene Mcbeth gets the crown and becomes king. Everyone is there including Banquo. After the ceremony Banquo tells Macbeth his plans for the day and Macbeth hires two murders to kill Banquo and his son. Act 3, Scene 1
  • He is crazy, he lost his mind, is he really the king??
  • In scene II lady Mcbeth tells Mcbeth that Banquo is out of the court room and they should kill him to avoid problems. Mcbeth tells her to make Banquo feel safe. By convincing Banquo that he is safe he wont be watching his back.Act 3, Scene 2 
  • Not fair!!!!
  • You shouldn't had interacted with Macbeth, I would be the leader now
  • The tree murders are ready to kill Banquo, They chase him and his son through the woods. His son runs and the murders kill Banquo while Flace gets away. The last thing Banquo tells his son is to avenge his dead. Act 3, scene 3
  • King Macbeth is being acting really weird, There are rumour that he killed Duncan 
  • In these scene Macbeth invites others to a banquette and one of the murders shows up and tell that Banquo is dead but Flace escaped. During the banquette Macbeth sees Banquo ghost siting next to him and starts discussing with him. Act 3, scene 4
  • In these scene the Hecate meets with the three witches to confront them, because they interecter with Macbeth. because of their mistakes Hecate would take charge of the three witches now. Act 3 scene 5
  • People are already thinking that Macbeth is a tyrant and he would kill everyone that is against him. The truth is already showing up. Act 3 Scene 6