Zoology Project

Updated: 7/28/2020
Zoology Project

Storyboard Text

  • Hello beautiful students, my name is Mrs. Adele Du Toit, and today we are going to learn about Zoology and endangered species which are also Panama's national animals. 
  • Can't wait to begin learning!
  • Before we start you need to know that zoology is the scientific study of animal biology and their behavior.
  • Mrs Du Toit can you talk to us about the golden frog?
  • Yes sure. The Golden frogs are originally found in mountains and rainforest in Panama like El Valle de Anton, they have been extinct since 2007 and they are one of the national symbols of Panama.
  • That's true Violet! In addition to what you just said, The Harpy Eagle Day will be commemorated on April 10th. This eagle was declared the National Bird of Panama in 2002.
  • Mrs Du Toit, I also heard that the Harpy Eagle is another extinct national animal and is one of the largest raptors on earth.
  • I agree, in zoos animals are protected from habitat loss, starvation and predators.
  • Zoos also, teach us a lot about how to educate people about wildlife and what we can do to protect animals.
  • I think zoos are good since they save endangered species and bring them into safe environments.
  • Yes girls that's right, but zoos can also turn out to be bad. They take the animals from their habitat and put them in a cage and sometimes they don't have the resources for animals to live there.
  • Thank You teacher!
  • You're the best!
  • We loved the class