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Updated: 3/26/2019
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  • Chapter 1 hope
  • "an live off the fatta the have rabbits" (14)
  • Chapter 2 friendship
  • "he don't have to take after lennie. lennie didn't do nothing to him. whats he got against lennie." (26)
  • Chapter 3 violence
  • "get i'm lennie"(63)
  • this qoute relates to the theme hope because it says their dream of owning their own land. this shows that lennie has hope of being free someday.
  • Chapter 4 discrimination.
  • "cause i'm black they play cards in there but i can't because i'm black..."(68)
  • this quote relates to the theme friendship because george is defending lennie and that what friends do.this shows that george cares for lennie like a good friend does.
  • chapter 5 loneliness 
  • you can talk to people but i can't talk to anybody but curley."(87)
  • this quote relates to the theme of violence because george is telling lennie to hurt curley. this shows that george wants lennie to defend himself.
  • chapter 6 death
  • "an you got is away from him and killed him."(107)
  • this quote relates to the theme of discrimination because it is saying that just because crooks is black he can't do anything. this shows that the workers are being racist.
  • e is seldish,this quote relates to the theme loneliness because it says that curley won't let his wife talk to anybody. this shows us that
  • this quote relates to the theme death because it tells us ho lennie died.this shows us that lennie shot him.
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