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Updated: 1/17/2020
amalia's storyboard
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  • Direct Democracy
  • What should we do to expand our territory?
  • We could make allies?
  • Oligarchy
  • Go to each house and enforce the rules!
  • Make sure we are the only ones who rule this country...
  • Theocracy
  • God is who I trust.
  • A direct democracy is when the people are in charge of taking charge of the country. There are no representatives that are a part of this government.
  • Monarchy
  • "Yes, your Majesty"
  • An oligarchy is when a small group of people have control over the country.
  • Anarchy
  • He keeps taking my dog, so I hit him with my car!
  • A theocracy is a system of government which follows the rule under God or a divine being as the ultimate authority.
  • Dictatorship
  • A monarchy is one person rules the country, so when a king or queen rules the country or empire.
  • Refer to me as "Your Majesty"
  • An anarchy is when there is no body in control and there is an absence of government and more freedom of the individual.
  • I just wanted to pet him!
  • A dictatorship is when a form of government has one leader and has control over the whole country.
  • "Yes, sir"
  • "I'm scared"
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