Belzhar 2

Updated: 9/19/2021
Belzhar 2

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  • First Group Meeting
  • Jam and Griffin's Thanksgiving Break
  • Last Visit to Belzhar
  • All of the students from Special Topics gather in a classroom late at night. They've all had similar experiences, they have all been in some sort of trance that made them feel safe and happy once again. They start to realize that the red journals are what is causing this. When they begin to write in them, they start dreaming and when they wake up, fives pages of their journals are filled in their handwriting. They come up with the code name "Belzhar" for the trance, named after "The Bell Jar," a book they were reading in Special Topics.
  • Sierra and Andre
  • Jam isn't able to go home for Thanksgiving break so Griffin, another classmate from Special Topics, invites her to his house which happens to be in a farm. Jam takes care of the animals and one day, she shares a special moment with Griffin and they kiss.
  • Danely Galvan Hernandez
  • Jam started to run out of pages in her journal and was afraid she'd never be able to see Reeve again. Jam visits Reeve one last time but instead of this visit being like every other one, she has to relive the moment of Reeve's death. While in Belzhar, she starts to walk towards two people kissing, one of them is Dana Sapol and the other is Reeve. Jam was devastated as she thought Reeve loved her but it was all in her head. Jam was in so much pain she killed Reeve in her mind. Reeve never once loved her or thought they were a couple. He played with her feelings and Jam starts to realize that.
  • Sierra Stokes's younger brother, Andre, was kidnapped a couple years back. She had a lot of trauma from that day so when she in Belzhar for the last time, she held onto her brother and didn't let him go. That caused her to stay trapped in Belzhar which to everyone who didn't know what that was, it looked like Sierra was in a coma or having a seizure. She was there for a while and suddenly, her brother was found. Jam suggested that he go talk to Sierra and it worked. Sierra got out of Belzhar and was reunited with her brother.