Permafrost Loop Model
Updated: 1/25/2021
Permafrost Loop Model

Storyboard Text

  • When the permafrost melts and the atmosphere breaks down there is more heat that causes the ice to melt even more then before
  • The radiation and heat (the arrows) melt the ice. When the ice melts it releases methane and CO2 (wavy lines). These gases are from the dead carcass that have been stuck in the ice all this time
  • All around the world there is a natural ice called permafrost. Permafrost was created centuries ago and has been slowly been melting on earth
  • There are many things that have been captured in the permafrost all these years from the begging of when it was made
  • It is an endless cycle that will always rises earth temperature more and more.
  • The CO2 and methane from this interaction breaks down our atmosphere, making the temperature of the earth warmer
  • When the permafrost thaws and melts the ground becomes soft and uneven making trees and plants to lean on their side