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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/29/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Starting the journey
  • Ready as I'll ever be!
  • Are you ready to learn about each economy?
  • Command Economy
  • You four will now work for the office building on 2nd street. No questions
  • Now this isn't right, I would never want to live like this.
  • Traditional Economy
  • Alright girls, Villieville is all yours but you know everything is run like it always has and will.
  • Traditional economy is cool, everything done like always.
  • Meet Stacy, she can teleport anywhere and wants to learn more about each economy around the world. She is supposed to report back to her supervisor, Mr.Green, once she is done and pick which economy is best.
  • Mixed Economy
  • I packaged one box wrong, that's it.
  • Stacy's first stop was to a command economy where everything is controlled by the government. Stacy is not used to this type of economy and it really opened her eyes of how people do this.
  • Market Economy
  • I'm so so proud of you honey! Our first customer is here!
  • This grandma, Mary, has ran Villieville for years and it is her time to pass it down to her daughters, in a traditional economy, they do things as they always have and that is what Villieville is planning to do.
  • Coming back home
  • There are pros and cons to all of them, but I would have to say mixed economy is best!
  • Stacy has transported to a company that government does own, but is owned by the boss, Jared. Jared owns this business but the government has a huge part in it, so he wants everything to be right.
  • There are some pros and cons to this economy.
  • Is this company owned by the government, yes, but I AM IN CHARGE OF YOU AND YOUR ACTIONS!
  • Stacy is witnessing a market economy with Ryan and Abby. Ryan and Abby own their very own business with no government control at all. They completely own this business and will receive all profit from it as the owners.
  • This has been my dream since I was little, my own restaurant!
  • Aw I'm so happy for them!
  • Stacy returned from all over and decided that mixed economy was the best economy that she was able to experience!
  • Well good morning to you! So, which one do you think was best?
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