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Updated: 11/14/2019
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  • Identify
  • OMG
  • Access
  • Breathe in ... and breathe out .... Breathe in...
  • Practice
  • Breathe in .... Breath Out
  • Jane gets stressed out by school and doesn't know how to deal with her feelings. It becomes overwhelming and makes her angry so she uses punching walls as a coping method.
  • Explain
  • Something the school guidance counselor suggested was therapy. When she went, the doctor said she might want to try meditation to relieve her stress in a healthy and safe way.
  • Assess
  • I feel calm a lot more of the time. I think meditation has been helping.
  • Jane agreed to meditate before bed every night for two weeks and see if it helped her feel less anxious and angry. In the same two weeks, she promised she would do her best to not punch any walls.
  • Reflect
  • I could've done this...
  • Jane realizes that if she wants to change her mood, she has to make lifestyle changes so she decides to keep meditation.
  • Jane is very rarely feeling angry at school and realized that her new healthy practices have been helping.
  • Jane is reflecting on her current health practices and the changes. She thinks if she wanted to try again, she could keep a daily log of how she feels. She's still happy with the outcome.
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