Characteristics of a Owl
Updated: 2/1/2021
Characteristics of a Owl

Storyboard Text

  • Hi,I am an owl, i am an octurnal animal,i am active at night
  • So, i sleep in morning
  • Hi owl,what is so special about you?
  • I have a pair of big eye and a flexible head as i could turn a full 270degrees.
  • I love to eat rats in the wheat field for my lunch
  • I usually eats frogs, lizards and snakes
  • Yes,we will steal the abandoned bird nest instead of making it ourselves.
  • Can we be called as a thief instead of owl??
  • Can you hear me ?
  • I have an extremely sensitive ears.I could hear up to 10 times better than humans can.
  • Me, like most birds, have 2 types of feathers. Contour feathers are the outer layer of feathers that provide protection from the environment and enable flight.
  • Does your feather same as me?