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Paleolithic and Neolithic time Era By Jordan
Updated: 10/11/2019
Paleolithic and Neolithic time Era By Jordan
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  • Paleolithic Era
  • This is the Paleolithic time period. In this time we hunted and gathered our food. We did not live in the same place for long and lived in small groups.
  • Neolithic Era
  • We live in the Neolithic time period. We discovered farming and metal. Because of farming we had a lot of food we could stay in one place and have larger groups of people
  • We also started domesticating animals.
  • In the Paleolithic times people were hunters and gathers. There tools where made of stone. They moved a lot and did not have very big groups because the natural resources could only support them for so long.
  • In the Neolithic times people farmed and had tools made of metal. They had to stay in one place because of farming and they could now support larger groups of people. They also started domesticating animals
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