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Frankenstein (Chapters 15-16)
Updated: 11/18/2020
Frankenstein (Chapters 15-16)
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Khiara Morse 11-17-20 4th

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  • Chapter 14
  • Chapter 15
  • Chapter 16
  • The De Lacy family history is told through the chapter. The monster tells that the family was once well regarded in France with wealth and social position. Felix aides Salfie’s father. The French justice system is biased and it also ruined the family. The government confiscated the family’s wealth for their aid in the escape of Safie’s father. Safie also has to deal with her own trials.
  • The monster was walking through the woods and came across a leather satchel containing clothes and books. He took the books back to his hovel and started to read them. The last book he read really affected him because it related to his own situation. Later on he finds some papers from his journal and he starts to read them. After reading them he understood why his creator found him disgusting. After his discovery he decides to show himself to the family. (Hoping they would see past his appearance.) He tried to talk with blind man, but the others returned unexpectedly and sent him out.
  • After the rejection, the monster wants to get revenge on humanity. (Mostly his creator.) He heads towards Geneva, on the way he spots a young girl drowning. He saves her but when someone else arrives they think he attacked her and shot him. On his way to Geneva he runs into William and kills him when he hears “Frankenstein”. (He also put the picture in Justine’s pocket.) The monster wants Victor to create another monster for him.
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