The rise of rome
Updated: 1/30/2020
The rise of rome
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  • 494 BCEEventually, the tribunes gained the right to veto actions by the Senate that they thought were unfair. Plebeians were now able to participate in the peoples assembly, where they could vote on proposed laws.
  • I'm on my way to the people's assembly!!
  • 451-281 BCEAround 451 BCE, Roman laws were written down on the 12 Tables. This protected the Plebeians by preventing the patricians from changing laws whenever they wanted. Debt bondage is outlawed.
  • Yeah!
  • Hey, now you don't have to worry about the money you owe that rich dink!
  • Eventually, plebeians are allowed to serve as consuls and senators. But the senate was still mostly made up of wealthy patricians.Finally there was equality, sort of.
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