Most Dangerous sequel storyboard

Updated: 10/13/2021
Most Dangerous sequel storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Rainsford woke up after the long nap he took he decided to go save the other people the general Zaroff had trapped and also he needed to get rid of the general body.
  • Before I escape out of this island i have to help the other people and get rid of general Zaroff body
  • ahhh What a beautiful morning
  • why would we trust you , he might be working for general zaroff and when we go with him he will kill us
  • Rainsford went to the place were general zaroff had the people he told them to help him get rid of him but most ,of them didn't `believe him but three people did and then went with Rainsford
  • okay follow me people.
  • okay I'll go ...... Me too.... also me
  • come with me people we are going to escape out of this island and you guys are going to help me get right of general zaroff body
  • No you guys need to trust me if you want to escape so if you want 5 people can come with me to get rid of general zaroff body
  • after the three people saw the dead body of general zaroff they believed him and when they went to tell the other people about what happened
  • he was right he did kill him now we need to help him hide the body
  • I told you i killed him and now we need to get rid of his body before the other people notice the he is missing .
  • he was right he did killed him so now we need to get rid of his body and escape before the other people notice the he is missing and come and kill us
  • After they all left the room rainsford and the other three people went with him to room and took general zaroff body out of the room
  • come all of you follow me we need to escape right now and take the body with us
  • when we are really far away from this place we will tro the body in the sea
  • after they put general zaroff body in the boat they took off
  • okay help me push him people
  • they threw general zaroff of the boat and then they all left