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Updated: 9/11/2020
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  • 10,000 B.C.During the Paleolithic period, Hominids would band together and hunt animals in groups with stone tools in groups. These people were known as hunter-gatherers.
  • Fire was essential to hunter-gatherers as it gave them a way to cook their food, provided a way to see during night, and also gave them warmth since their nomadic lifestyle revolved around them constantly moving around to gather food.
  • Time passes...
  • Many many MANY years later, the hunter-gatherer nomadic lifestyle has nearly died out and all that remains of our predecessors are ancient relics, such as fossils.
  • 9000 B.C.The Neolithic Revolution is in motion. The hunter-gatherers start farming. They also start to settle down a little more and live in little huts,
  • The hunter-gatherers also started to domesticate animals around this time. Due to this, the hunter-gatherers didn't have to move around as much for their food, and so they started to build permanent settlements.
  • To make more land for both crop growth and to create pastures the hunter-gatherers would use a technique called slash-and-burn agriculture. They would cut down trees and plant life, and soon after they would set fire to the plants in order to make more space for crops and to create a nutrient rich layer of ash to grow crops upon.
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