Economics writing Commercials Project
Updated: 11/26/2020
Economics  writing Commercials Project

Storyboard Text

  • Hello neighbor my name is Destiny and I want to be an entrepreneur when I grow up
  • Oh really, hey, my name is Shyla and I would love to hear all about that.
  • Ok lead the way.
  • Come with me to the café down town and I'll tell you all about the wonders of entrepreneurship.
  • An Entrepreneur is a person who assembles the factors of production, which is land, labor, and capital, to create new goods and services. They are known to be very ambitious leaders
  • So, Who are entrepreneurs and what do they do?
  • Ok well, there are many benefits of entrepreneurship. Some of them are that you get to be your own boss, you get to make impact on peoples lives, and you make money off doing something that you love.
  • Oh wow that is very interesting tell me more.
  • Ok well hmmmm, there are some like it may be a bit stressful sometimes because you have to be the one making all the decisions, and entrepreneurship can be a very competitive and lonely environment sometimes but you learn to get through it.
  • Hmmm, ok are there some cons about entrepreneurship?
  • Done By: Ashley Anara
  • Your welcome Shyla, you can come to talk to me anytime if you have any any more questions about Entrepreneurs
  • Wow, thank you Destiny for today I may consider getting into entrepreneurship now.
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