The Three Little Pigs go to Court
Updated: 4/25/2020
The Three Little Pigs go to Court
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  • On one fine evening three little pigs finished up building their homes after finally moving out of their mothers house. Each little pig created their own home in their own unique way. One little pig built their home out of straw, the other out of sticks, the last one out of brick.
  • A wolf living in the area noticed that three little pigs had moved in, so he decided to try to make an easy meal for himself. After seeing the wold, the three little pigs ran and hid in their own respective houses. The wolf knew he had to break the houses.
  • With all his might and strength, the wolf easily destroyed the houses of the pigs made of sticks and straw. Those little pigs quickly ran and hid inside the third little pig's house made of brick. This house was much tougher and sturdy, so the wold struggled to break down the house. He kept trying and trying, that's when one the little pigs had an idea.
  • The pig who owned the house decided to do the smart thing and call for help. He was aware of the fact that 3 little pigs most likely wouldn't have been able to fend themselves off against a savage wolf, even if the house was made of stone. It wasn't long before an officer came by and apprehended the wolf. He was given quickly arrested on counts of vandalism and attempted murder. The wolf and pigs would continue to settle the dispute in court.
  • After a long day in the court room, the wolf is found guilty on all charges. The pigs and their lawyer watch gleefully as the wolf is escorted out of the court room by the officer. The wolf will spend time in the state prison, and will be paying substantial amounts of money to the pigs once the wolf is out and able to work again.
  • After living in the small stone house for many years, the wolf was finally released from prison. The pigs all had jobs, and with their combined money from the wolf and their jobs, the pigs worked together to build a 2 story 3 bedroom home. All the little pigs had learned the true value of hard work. The wold also learned a valuable lesson, vandalism and attempted murder is illegal and can get you harsh punishments.FIN
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