tore of Mesopotamia
Updated: 11/23/2020
tore of Mesopotamia

Storyboard Text

  • so we have farms to grow crops and other thing like that, we get the water from some nearby rivers ill show you them later
  • oh good your here, hi, Im jagan ill be your tore guide, i have so much to show you about Mesopotamia
  • lets start with the farms
  • This is the Tigris river, one of the rivers i was talking about.
  • This is the water source we use for our farms
  • These rivers helped us thrive and become what we are today.
  • These rivers also led to inventions like, sailboat, the chariot, the wheel, the plow, and metallurgy
  • this is the Euphrates river, another river/water source.
  • These Building are mad for making oferings to the Gods.
  • This is our Ziguraud, see that blue area up on the top, only the preasts are aloud in.
  • Man, I wish this never ended goodbye. Remember to keep learning
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