nathanjohnson -the batboy

Updated: 1/14/2019
nathanjohnson -the batboy

Storyboard Text

  • exposition
  • I dont know but I sure will try?
  • conflict
  • do you think you will make the record?
  • rising action
  • ill hit good when you learn how to pitch.
  • your hitting like a girl start hitting like yourself.
  • my book takes place in many areas like a baseball feild,a house a parking lot ect my main character is brian,hank,and brians dad cole.and it is in first person.
  • climax
  • we won!
  • oh NO!
  • go hank
  • the problem in my story is if hank hits a homerun to win the game and tie the record.
  • falling action
  • thanks guys
  • great job hank
  • ya great job dude
  • brian helps hank train for the next big game where hank will try and hit the home run.
  • resloution
  • lets go detroit tigers.
  • lets break another record this year
  • Its finally the big game.Hank has to hit one more home run to beat the record and win the game.the first pitch is thrown,a ball to the outside.second pitch is a strike right on the top corner.the third pitch is thrown and whack hank nails it its gone!hank beat the record and won the game for the whole world series.
  • every body goes to hanks house and has a big party.
  • hank starts a new season and trys to break a new one this year for feilding and plays his first game of the year