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RIP Algernon
Updated: 9/27/2018
RIP Algernon
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Storyboard Description

Gone but not forgotten

Storyboard Text

  • exposition
  • It was a race with a white mouse. They called the mouse Algernon. -pg 2
  • rising action
  • the operashun dint hurt. they did it while i was sleeping. pg4
  • he says dont get discoridged because it takes time and happins slow. pg4
  • Climax
  • Algernon died two days ago. Ive got to know if or when it will happen to me.
  • Charlie Gordon is being tested to see if he is elligible for an expirimental surgery. One of the test is him racing a mouse named Algernon who hos already had the surgery.
  • falling action
  • I put Algernons body in a cheese box and bried him in the back yard. Every night I put flowers on his grave. pg 19 
  • Charlie is getting the surgery to triple his intelligence. It will take a while for him to get smarter because he has to learn everything.
  • resolution
  • I guess i did te operashun for all the dumb pepul like me. pg 22
  • Algernon dies. Charlie does not know if or when he will lose his intelligence or die.
  • Charlie puts flowers by Algernons grave. and is rapidly decreasing in intelligence
  • Chhrlie leaves New York so he can start a new life . He hopes his research will help someone one day
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