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Updated: 3/23/2021
Unknown Story

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  • year my mental Ishim is depretion
  • so class today we are going to talk about mental health
  • it started in year 8
  • Emil Kropelin was the first person to publish a detailed system of pyschological disorders
  • Mentalhealth includes our emotional, psychological, andsocial well-being.
  • and than i was sad i failed in classes and dident want to do anything
  • it can cause and affect the bran with concentrating.
  • abnormal mood, thinking, perception, or behavior
  • it can causefrequent stress and affect your ability to function.
  • mabey you can seek some help.
  • i think that i will see a counselor
  • how did you feel now and before
  • so before i dident sleep or see sunlight and dident stay hygienic neather
  • thats good and now the now
  • and now ive got my life sorted and have two kids and a beautiful wife and i'm good to go.