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Updated: 2/22/2021
Unknown Story

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  • A day of seventh grade where no one likes me . I try to start off new but it's difficult when no one likes you and everyone is already judging me. I get ugly stares and I feel uncomfortable. I just want to have a new start on a first day of seventh grade.
  • I walk out to go to the bathroom and notice how many stares I get.
  • I walk to the office and notice that the office people think I might run away.
  • I'm at the cafeteria and the lunch ladies are looking at me like they are tired of me and want me gone.
  • I am going back to school and many of the 8th graders don't like me and still think I want to have drama with them so they stare at me and start telling me things as I walk past them.
  • Eww
  • As i am leaving school , everyone looks at me and only notices what they saw in me the last years.