All Summer in a Day
Updated: 12/1/2019
All Summer in a Day

Storyboard Text

  • All Summer in a Day
  • Exposition: The children on Venus have waited seven years for the rain to stop and finally see the sun. For one girl Margot she remembers the sun and that makes her different from everyone else.
  • Today is the day.
  • It's been seven years.
  • Rising Action 1: Margot tells the others how see can remember the sun. The other kids are jealous and start to bully her.
  • I remember the sun.
  • No you don't!
  • You don't remember it.
  • Rising Action 2: The kids force Margot into the closet and lock her in.
  • Put her in the closet.
  • Lets lock her in the closet.
  • Climax: The rain stops and all the kids go outside to enjoy the sun, leaaving Margot in the closet.
  • The rain has finally stopped.
  • The sun!
  • The rain is back!
  • Resolution: The sun goes away and it begins to rain again. The children remember Margot and let her out of the closet.
  • She's still in the closest we have to get her out.
  • We forgot Margot!