Angelica's Performance

Updated: 3/24/2021
Angelica's Performance

Storyboard Text

  • Bird's Eye View
  • Pan Right
  • LET ME OUT!!
  • My time to shine
  • Tilt Up
  • Angelica was on her way to the auditorium when another dancer named Sofia who has been practicing Angelica's choreography spotted her and followed her.
  • Wide Shot
  • How Could She!
  • Sofia wanted to take Angelica's spot and perform the choreography so Sofia locked her in a room and caused her to miss her performance.
  • Over the Shoulder
  • While Angelica was crying for help, Sofia happily performed the whole dance with no worries.
  • Mid Shot
  • WHATTT!!!
  • Angelica was finally able to get out but was already too late. She cried on her way to the auditorium and was sad that someone took her spot light.
  • Angelica arrived to the auditorium and just saw how happy Sofia was from hearing everyone in the audience cheering for her.
  • Angelica left school and arrived home feeling sad still. She was already ready for bed when suddenly she got a call. To be continued...